What You Will Learn in This 3-Day Course

Day 1

  • Stop losing your money stupidly:That trading and investing are not the same with gambling
  • How to plan a trade..or an investment:That trading is not the same with investing
  • Stop treating trading and investing like a game (because everyone's doing it lost money): That trading and investing are not easy and are respectable things to do
  • Listen to what Mother Market says: That the market is an opportunity machine once we know how to deal with it
  • How you can make money with seven basic trading principles:
  • How to make money with trend
  • How to make money with long, short, and NO ACTION
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Day 2

  • Start planning your trade or investment: Know the cycle of your stock or market.
  • Mitigate your risk: Know the best entry and exit times.
  • Maximize your potential profits: Using your newly-obtained knowledge on some trading indicators
  • Pick the best opportunities: How to combine fundamental and technical analysis to optimize your profits.
  • Calculating your Risk to Rewa… okay, seriously, let's get the course now. It's $0. No trick.

Day 3

  • Stop worrying about lack of financial background: The market does not care if you are Harvard graduate or a college dropout.
  • Making money in the market by focusing on the right things: There are 12.
  • How to have stronger conviction when trading
  • The single biggest cause of traders' loss
  • The concept of position pyramiding
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